A new type of pressure sensor is introduced, which can resist 2000 ℃ ultra-high temperature impact

A silicon-isolated high-temperature-resistant pressure resistant to 2000 ℃ transient ultra-high temperature impact has been successfully developed at the Xi'an Jiaotong University Precision Engineering Research Institute. Experts believe that the completion of this national "863" plan project will effectively solve the technical problems of pressure measurement and sensor failure under high-temperature shocks in high-temperature environments in China's aerospace, petrochemical, and automotive industries, breaking the foreign similar The monopoly of China's sensor market has improved the overall level and international competitiveness of this industry in China, and has a high value of promotion and use. Conventional silicon pressure sensors can only measure pressure below 120 ° C. When the temperature exceeds 120 ° C, the performance of the sensor will be severely deteriorated and will fail.

Conventional measurement methods and methods cannot meet the increasingly high measurement accuracy requirements of pressure measurement and automation in harsh environments such as high temperature, which has caused China's high-temperature pressure sensor products to rely on imports for a long time. The high temperature resistant pressure sensor developed by Xi'an Jiaotong University can perform pressure measurement in the environment of -30 ℃ ~ 250 ℃, can complete the pressure measurement of any range below 1000Mpa, and can withstand 2000 ℃ instantaneous high temperature shock. It can meet the pressure measurement in harsh environments such as high temperature, high pressure, high frequency response and instantaneous high temperature impact. It has independent intellectual property rights and fills many gaps in this field in China. It promotes the development of China's instrumentation industry and cultivates a new economy. The growth point is of great significance.

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