Analysis of Factors Affecting Corrugated Board Quality--Defective Cardboard

Prevent defective cardboard from appearing

Stacked cardboard in the stacker, some of which may have connectors, may not be accepted by post-processing equipment.
Depending on the design of the splicer, different types of joints may be found. The joint may have a 50 mm overlapping paper segment, as well as a paper tip as long as 15 cm, which may be inside or outside the cardboard.
The splice detection device ensures that these splice-equipped paperboards are automatically thrown from the auxiliary cutting knife, ie the instantaneous cutting machine.
If these cardboards with joints can be checked out early and they are removed by an auxiliary cutter, the production of other defects can be reduced. Otherwise, these cardboards can only be manually removed from the stack. Of course, if the connector is allowed to exist, the above operation is not required.

Other defects in production

(1) The creased paper is not properly adjusted by the tension of the paper at the input of the single-sided or double-sided machine.
(2) The formation of honeycomb single-faced corrugated cardboard or corrugated medium is too wet, or the bonding machine has too much binder.
(3) Damage to the corrugated sheet The corrugated sheet is worn out due to wear and tear, dirt is blocked between them, or the two rolls press too tightly, or the corrugated medium is too wet, too dry or too tight.
(4) The stencil-like surface, the paper itself is caught in the corrugation tank, due to too much adhesive, the viscosity is not suitable, or due to the inappropriate ratio of the speed of the coating roller to the paper speed.
(5) bad cutting (burr)
The blade wear or adjustment of the cutting or cutting machine of the slitting and creasing machine does not cause the cuts to be rough and uneven.
(6) Reduced strength at one side At certain speeds, the single-sided machine may resonate, causing excessive pressure between the lower corrugating roller and the pressure roller, which weakens or even damages the corrugation.

(Author / Dongguan Xinyi Printing Co., Ltd. Huang Tianyin)

"Printing Technology" corrugated box special issue 2005, 7

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