Application Skills and Development of Color Laser Transfer Technology (I)

In recent years, a color laser transfer paper has emerged in the world. After being printed by a laser printer, the color image is transferred to a variety of substrates such as T-shirts, metal plates, tiles, glass plates, and the like after heating. The effect is exactly the same as the original photo image!

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Recently, after the article on the principle and performance characteristics of this kind of laser transfer technology was published, consultations from various sources were in constant contact. At the request of a large number of readers, we hereby briefly answer some practical questions that are of general interest to us.

(a) Color laser transfer paper is the best complement to the screen printing industry

As we all know, the traditional screen printing technology is the use of four, six, eight or even sixteen screen printing, the need for plate making, printing, drying and other processes, the printing process is complex, investment is large. Although the current version of the screen is getting more and more sophisticated, due to the limitations of screen printing methods, the general definition is only about 100dpi.

Color laser printers use electrostatic adsorption imaging methods. The color toner particles have a diameter of only 6μ. Precise ink dot control technology can increase the effective resolution to 2400dpi. It is precisely because of the high resolution of the color laser printer that ensures the color laser transfer. The effect of the unique color reproduction and vivid color performance.

The color laser transfer method actually integrates the complicated printing process flow onto the color laser printer and the laser transfer paper, and the thermal transfer process of the printed transfer paper is very simple, and even takes only a few seconds to complete. .

The advantages of screen printing are actually small batches and many varieties. However, the color laser transfer method does not require plate making, and the transfer printing is completed within seconds or minutes after printing, and the use of laser transfer technology greatly shortens the production cycle. , And no need for plate making, no complicated prepress adjustment and postpress finishing, no doubt more flexible and convenient, more suitable for small batch, multi-variety processing production.

In the past few years, the performance of color laser printers has been continuously improved and people are very impressed. Even more exciting is that with the emergence of new technologies, the price of color laser printers is now much higher than in the past. Lower, but quality and reliability are better than in the past.

The emergence of color laser transfer paper is undoubtedly a good complement to the development of the traditional screen printing industry. On the one hand, it complements the quality of high-definition true color, and on the other hand, it is the time and speed of small-batch, multi-species orders. On the supplement.

(II) Development of industrial laser color transfer technology and development of related products

In practice, we found that some customers were very excited after discovering the laser transfer technology. Surprised, they purchased a few samples and waited for the rabbits, and calculated that they would purchase equipment and materials after receiving orders from the market. However, in fact, color laser transfer technology was introduced to China from abroad in 2005. There are few people who really understand the color laser transfer process in China, and many customers have not seen the products of color laser transfer on the market. Therefore, we cannot expect people who have not seen laser-transfer products to take the ready-made processing orders to their own initiative.

Some operators took the initiative to use the characteristics of the technology to develop a number of unique products in the commodity market to seize the initiative. Since the substrates for color laser transfer basically do not require pre-coating, they have a wide range of applications, and they are actually very useful in many unexpected industries.

1. Color printing of leather products:

In the past, many people thought that color laser transfer could only be applied to textiles such as T-shirts, and some factories introduced laser transfer technology to carry out color transfer printing on leather products such as leather, PVC leather, and PU leather, and after printing. The effect is very good.

According to insiders, high-definition color printing of leather has always been a technical problem for the screen printing industry. The good performance of color laser transfer paper undoubtedly created a new market opportunity for us. The technology can be applied to a variety of leather products such as sports shoes, mobile phone bags, fashion bags, wallets, children's toys, tourist souvenirs, etc. The vivid color image quality undoubtedly increases the level of noble leather products.

2. Metal signs and metal business cards:

An advertising company began to use laser transfer technology to produce metal signage, and later took a few pieces of metal business card embryos to test, found that color matt true color image is very real, its color fastness is better than other printing methods, The people who saw the finished product all praised its exquisite quality and made it popular after the product was brought to the market.

China is a big country in the use of business cards. According to statistics, sales of various paper cards in China are around 100 million boxes. The appearance of metal business cards meets the individual needs of certain consumer groups such as individual bosses and business elites from all walks of life. In the era of full display of individuality in the 21st century, laser-transferred colored metal business cards are displayed as a successful person. Self-identity symbol has been favored.

Recently, some foreign businessmen have also paid attention to the products and technology of Chinese color metal business cards and began negotiations on bulk export contracts.

Even the relatively monotonous monochromatic metal business card has actually had a considerable consumption scale in the market. The emergence of exquisite colored metal business cards undoubtedly brought a new round of vitality to the traditional business card industry. Due to the simple process of laser transfer printing, some companies have started to raise franchisees and transfer operating technologies to print and store shops, individual investors, and laid-off workers across the country. A new technology and new business philosophy have brought the market New commodities and demand, but also to the operators bring rolling resources.

In fact, tourist souvenirs made of metal plate materials have greater profit margins. If the production of movie star souvenirs using metal business card materials costs only 1-2 yuan, they will be sold as 10-20 for products sold to star-hunters or tourists. A few dollars, there is no doubt that the new technology will inevitably bring new market demands and new opportunities for making money. The simple processing process and huge profit margins are believed to play a good role in promoting the development of the souvenir market.

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