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To some extent, Canon's advertising marketing is really good, because each of us remembers Canon's advertising words: Canon, always moving. Canon has a history of more than 70 years. From the start-up to the present day, every generation of Canon has a different spirit of Canon than other companies. This is the people-oriented, technology-first, deep into Canon. A tenacious enterprise gene. Canon is an outstanding enterprise that inherits technological innovation. For decades of innovation and development, it has accumulated experience and technology different from ordinary people. Today we will introduce to you a product that represents the spirit of Canon.

The Canon SX50 HS features a new 12.1 effective megapixel 1/2.3-inch CMOS image sensor and a DIGIC 5 digital image processor with high noise reduction. This constitutes the evolution of the HS SYSTEM with a maximum sensitivity of ISO 6400. The SX50 HS is the first telephoto model SX50 HS equipped with a 50x optical zoom lens in the Canon PowerShot series, which is the largest zoom ratio of such cameras. The SX50 HS is equipped with a wide-angle end 24-1200mm 50x optical zoom lens, and is also a high-end model with high zoom ratio in the SX series featuring high-magnification zoom. The Canon SX50 HS is equipped with an advanced IS image stabilizer, which achieves a hand shake compensation of up to approximately 4.5 levels, and can be used with high-magnification zoom shooting. The PowerShot SX50 HS is specially equipped with a “Frame-assisted-find” button that reduces the zoom ratio and easily retrieves the subject when the subject is lost during zooming. In addition, in other respects, the SX50 HS uses a 2.8-inch 460,000-pixel rotating touch screen for easy viewing at different angles. It can also shoot 1080p full HD video clips with a body size of 123×87×106mm and a weight of approximately 595g.

As a product released in 2012, the Canon SX50 HS still has a very good market. This is not only due to the advancement of Canon Technology, but also the portrayal of Canon's corporate spirit. Canon has brought us through continuous technological innovation. At the same time of more and more good products, we continue to write the myth of corporate development.

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