Correct the order and method of using eye cream

Skin care is something that everyone must do. It is also a mistake. Do you know the skill of using eye cream ? In fact, the eye cream is not just a smudge, it must use a certain order and technique. Let's take a look.

Correct the order and method of using eye cream

1. After cleansing in the morning and evening, use the ring finger to take the mung bean-sized eye cream. The two ring fingers are rubbed against each other to warm the eye cream , making it more easily absorbed by the skin.

2, in the way of playing the piano, evenly gently slap the eye cream on the skin around the eyes. Focus on the lower eye socket and the extension of the eye to the temple.

3, first from the bottom of the eye, from the eye point to the end of the eye gently pressed. Then gently press from the inside out from the top of the eye

4. Use the middle finger to start from the bottom of the brow and gently press. Then along the eyelids, gently press from the inside out, then use the middle fingertips, gently press the Yingxiang points on both sides of the nose to promote blood circulation of the eye skin.

In addition to the order, you must know that the use of eye cream must be continued. Do not fish for two days in three days; do not excessively pull the skin to prevent unnecessary fine lines; do not apply too much to prevent the production of fat particles; use it sooner or later. You can't just use it in the morning; you should understand that the eye cream is “reinforcement” to prevent the eyes from aging more quickly. The best time to use is when wrinkles , bags under the eyes and dark circles have not yet occurred.

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