Double eleven home stores are very injured furniture online shopping impact is greater than building materials

As of 23:00 on the 11th, data showed that Guangdong buyers in the Tmall net purchase totaled 3.129 billion yuan, second only to Zhejiang, ranked second in the country, the momentum also swept Hong Kong and Macao. Tmall’s turnover reached 35.19 billion yuan at 12 o'clock last night, and it has broken through the record of 19.1 billion yuan recorded in the whole day. Taobao is in the home building materials, there are 36 brands in the light toilet, including TOTO, Wrigley and other big names. And this piece of furniture, such as the royal family furniture and other well-known brands in the "double eleven" directly with the manufacturers to buy.

The further expansion of e-commerce sales will inevitably bring damage to physical stores. Before the "Double Eleven", Tmall plans to carry out the O 2O project in the home field, which was aborted because of the collective resistance of 19 large home stores. Southern reporters visited the Zhongshan home market and found that furniture is more affected by online shopping than building materials, but most businesses believe that online shopping will be the future trend.


Young people are keen on online shopping furniture

Miss Zhou received a new house at the end of last year. The house is decorated with furniture. It is enough to buy furniture. Beds, sofas, TV cabinets, dining tables, etc., almost all the furniture she bought online. “It’s not that I haven’t seen it in a physical store, but the price is more expensive. For example, the leather sofa can cost about 6,000 yuan even if it is the cheapest, and it can buy about 4,000 yuan online, and it is still a well-known brand.”

"Now the young people under the age of 40 buy a lot of furniture online. Online shopping is definitely a trend in the furniture industry. But online shopping also has certain risks. If you are not satisfied with the refund, then the shipping of large items is not cheap. The after-sales service of the physical store is more perfect, and consumers are more assured.” Chang Anyan, assistant director of Zhongshan Store, Hongshuwan Furniture Expo Center, introduced.

Compared with furniture, building materials, this dealer is also a lot, but the physical store merchants are still more optimistic. "The tiles are heavy. If you decorate a house, the amount of bricks used for tens of square meters, the freight is very expensive. Plus the tiles are fragile, if the transportation is not enough in the decoration, it is very troublesome. Therefore, the amount of online sales of building materials is not large, and most consumers still come to the physical store to buy.” Introduction of a ceramic tile dealer in Fuyi Decoration Plaza, Zhongshan City.

E-commerce will steal business flow

On October 15th, Tmall announced the promotion plan, this year's "Double Eleven" will promote online and offline access to more than 30,000 brand stores in more than 1,000 counties and cities in China. In this mode, consumers can make online orders and obtain online discounts through QR code and other methods while offline. Then they are responsible for delivery, installation and debugging. After being boycotted by 19 large home stores such as Red Star Macalline, Tmall had suspended the O 2O project in the home sector before the 11th. The China Furniture Association Marketing Committee even issued the "Opinions on Standardizing E-Commerce Work", clearly stating that "the offline experience site that can not be disguised as a store to become an e-commerce, can not let dealers become offline dealers of e-commerce; manufacturers and merchants online When launching a low-price promotion, it is necessary to notify the main partners such as the store and adjust the price of the store to be consistent with the online; it is not allowed to transfer the business of the store to another place for trading through the e-commerce mobile PO S."

E-commerce channels with few links, low cost and obvious scale effect can effectively reduce commodity prices. "Electronics business must be a trend, but now the home store can not be transformed. If you cooperate with Taobao, they will get very little profit; if you open a website, the benefits will be difficult to guarantee." Analysis of a large-scale furniture store in Zhongshan. Che Jianxin, the chairman of Red Star Macalline, asked the insiders of the group to start a meeting for the merchants. “Tell them that Red Star is protecting them. They are helping to distribute the goods online for their own lives.” Meanwhile, Red Star Meikai The dragon is also doing its own e-commerce channel.

On April 3, 2012, Red Star Macalline and Sina cooperated to build an e-commerce offline experience hall. On August 1st of the same year, after a few months of rumors, its Hongmei Mall announced that it began to open beta and gradually put into operation. However, according to relevant media reports, within half a year of on-line operation, the trading volume of Hongmei Mall is only about 40,000 yuan, but the initial investment has reached 200 million yuan. In March 2013, the new revision of Hongmei Mall was officially renamed as Xingyijia. The leadership of the Red Star Macalline system was fully responsible, and at the same time, the change was made. The online sales were included in the offline shopping mall's assessment system, allowing the offline mall to participate in the electricity. Business.

The merchant has already walked in front of the store

The store boycotted, but the business did not actually resist. Southern reporters learned that many businesses started to do their own online stores a few years ago. Of course, instead of using the brand name, but the name of the store, I sell the furniture in my store. “The sales volume is very small at the beginning. Fortunately, there is not much cost. Since 2011, the sales volume has gradually increased. In the off-season of 2012, the sales of online stores even exceeded the physical stores. Although the online price is cheaper than the physical store, You don't have to pay labor, rent, etc., and the profit is good." Nandu reporter learned from a physical store dealer.

“The gross profit of the furniture store is 30-40 points. If a store of more than 300 square meters, the rent is about 100 yuan per square meter, it will cost more than 30,000 a month. Plus the labor, water and electricity, tax and other expenses, need one month. 7 or 80,000 yuan of expenses, that is to say that sales must be around 300,000 to be profitable. It is very difficult to achieve 300,000 a month on average. The overall market efficiency of Zhongshan this year is not very good." Chang Anyan analysis, furniture There is a lot of pressure on the physical store to make a profit.

Lin Zuoyi, founder of Linshi Wood, the largest online furniture brand in Taobao for five consecutive years, said in an interview with the media that although traditional furniture stores have high gross profit margins, their net profit is actually very low due to high channel cost and short customer coverage radius. . The flat nature of the Internet can squeeze out a lot of unnecessary intermediate links and costs, and with the economies of scale, consumers can buy more personalized products at lower prices. "Traditional shopping malls sell 20,000 yuan of furniture, online store sales may be as long as 7,000 yuan to recover the cost." Lin Zuoyi said.

There are not many online shopping for people over 40 years old.

"From the information we know about ourselves and other stores, this year's Zhongshan furniture market is not very ideal. There are the impact of the entire economic environment, the influence of the Zhongshan region, and the reasons for the store itself, but it is undeniable The promotion of e-commerce will also have an impact. The Zhongshan market is quite special, and the Zhongshan people are relatively conservative. The consumers in the high-end home market are mainly people over 40 years old. This part of Zhongshan will not buy online. More is concentrated in small pieces or simple furniture that is easy to assemble, such as small coffee tables, computer chairs, etc. High-end furniture online shopping is still very few, it is estimated that this part of the furniture market will take a long time before there will be e-commerce channels It also needs a more perfect mechanism." Chang Anyan analysis, online shopping for high-end furniture will take time.

"Some well-known brands online goods are a lot of goods or outdated products, it is difficult to find the same model in a physical store." A domestic store industry analysts analysis, in fact, online products are still different from the physical store products, and then It is the store that does not interfere with the marketing of the merchant. "E-commerce has a relatively large impact on the unified cashier's store, such as Red Star Macalline. Because the payment does not go through the store, there is less store commission, but the dealer is still profitable."

Unlike general merchandise, most furniture products are non-customized and personalized products, and the amount of consumption is relatively large. Consumers often want to have a physical store experience process before purchasing online, which determines the pure e-commerce consumption model. In the home field is difficult to popularize, the home industry to do e-commerce must go online and offline combined O 2 O mode. This is also the advantage of home stores to develop their own e-commerce channels.

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