Flexo Printing - Experts Say (4)

(III) Investment from blindness to science

Lin Fengming thinks that domestic companies have gone through some detours in the introduction of flexographic printing presses and there are also some successes. Also spent tuition, it should be said that the current investment risk is reduced.

Industry participants reached a consensus: According to the product, targeted selection of suitable flexographic printing press models, less blind investment, I students, more scientific. Flexo printing has taken a lot of detours and has a lot to do with the initial blind investments.

1. Clear positioning

First, there must be a corporate positioning, high-end or low-end positioning, such as cardboard printing or label printing.

Mr. Chen Jijun believes that flexographic printing requires clear market positioning, product positioning, and corporate positioning, while domestic companies do not have a clear positioning of products. This is the most obvious difference between domestic flexographic printing and the most mature US. . American flexographic printing companies generally have a clear product positioning, so they can accumulate the production experience of several types of products to reduce costs and form the core competitiveness of products. A considerable number of Chinese enterprises are eager for quick success. In the face of a market, everyone flock to compete for market share. This type of business eventually leads to companies that do not have their own characteristics, and ultimately cannot form the company’s core competitiveness. The operation is also not skilled and the production cost is not reduced. . A soft print printing company, if you can have 3-4 specialty products, is a successful example of product positioning.

Lin Fengming believes that there should be a business direction before considering alternative models. Some packaging businesses now use offset or gravure printing and are turning to flexographic printing. For example, one company in Shanghai used to use offset printing to print instant noodle packaging barrels. Now it turns to flexo printing. There are also two companies that previously used offset printing for KFC cartons and trays, and now turn to flexo printing because they have a stable business and a clear product positioning. Therefore, the choice of models is very purposeful. Of course, they are also used successfully. .

2. model

Mr. Chen Jijun's point of view is very clear that the characteristics of flexible printing presses are wide range of options, high school low-end products have. The low-end product is not just bad, but refers to its flexibility. 1. There is a difference between life and configuration. Some companies are blind, and matching models have not been properly planned. Some equipment manufacturers tell customers what they can print in order to pursue their interests. This is a short-term behavior. Flexographic printing requires a consensus, not misleading."

Yin Jinhua said that the universal model is not desirable, but it can be considered well, for example, it can be printed on paper and can be printed on plastic and other materials, and has a stronger adaptability. Do not just consider the price, the price is cheap, and its function is reduced.

Lin Fengming holds a similar view and thinks that the flexographic printing press should be regarded as a special machine. This is also true in foreign countries. The activities that can be printed are fixed. However, there is a misunderstanding in China, which favors general-purpose machines. However, such models are expensive, difficult to operate, and may have many detours. Therefore, we should consider the use of special-purpose machines.

3. Return on Investment

Mr. Chen Jijun put forward some constructive opinions for the flexographic printing investors to configure according to the product needs and clearly define what functions are needed. If a machine costs 10 million yuan and uses only 5 million yuan, it is too wasteful and its return on investment is not ideal. If you only need to configure 3 million yuan, you can configure the equipment to 4 million yuan, and reserve a certain amount of room for the equipment. If you later add other units, such as screen printing, L or cold press units, you don't need to spend too much. More money. To choose the right function, neither too much nor too little.

Yin Jinhua’s teacher believes that investment in equipment should not only be fixed on prices, but also depends on the rate of return on investment. Compared with investing 1 million yuan and investing 2 million yuan, if the former invests less but the return on investment is low, it is also a waste.

4. After sales service is very important

From the perspective of the equipment manufacturer, Mr. Chen Jijun insists that if the equipment manufacturers only sell machines, there is no perfect and considerate after-sales service, the printing company fails, and it is actually the failure of the equipment manufacturers. In addition to regular maintenance, equipment suppliers have technical guidance, services, operations, and process training to do. Successful equipment modeling is only part of the success of the use of flexographic printing, the proportion is less than half. To successfully apply flexographic printing, it also includes machine configuration, development of product markets, and so on.

(IV) Prospects, development, new ways, achievements in the future

After grinding, and the promotion of new technologies, the application of flexographic printing in China is accelerating. In terms of long-term development, we should not limit ourselves to the use of unit type flexographic printing presses. The actual death Flexo printing uses very mature European and American countries, a considerable proportion of models is a satellite flexographic printing press. Judging from this year's FTA wide-range awards, the number of award-winning products printed on satellite-type Flexiprint presses is as high as 80%. In the field of plastic flexible packaging, wide-satellite flexographic printing presses are very promising. Of course, pre-printing of corrugated paper is also a trend in its application. The first satellite flexo press sold by Xi'an Aerospace Huayang was used to print such products.

Of course, stacked machines are cheap and have low investment thresholds, and they can also serve as a bridge to high-end flexographic investment.

It is believed that after the joint efforts of the entire industry, the application of flexographic printing in China will be increasingly recognized and sought after by end users and printing companies.

"Printing Technology" Packaging and Decoration Printing 2005, 7

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