Galeries Lafayette Cutters Limited New Cola Bottle

You never imagined that fashion-conscious Chanel's soul Karl Lagerfeld would also crossover with Coca-Cola, but it was never an impossible crossover. This time Carl? Karl Lagerfeld and Cola made a splash and designed a limited-bottle Coca-Cola Light bottle. As we all know, Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld cannot do without Coca-Cola. This time, Coca-Cola invited Galeries Lafayette to design the new limited-edition Coca-Cola Light Bottlle bottle. The male and female protagonists of the commercials were jointly performed by Galeries Lafayette and Baptiste Giabiconi and Coco Rocha. (Semor Fuchars)

This limited-edition Coca-Cola Light bottle has a silhouette of the Buddha's neat silhouette: a well-trimmed suit, a signature ponytail, and his handsome signature, the most attractive is the pink cap. Karl Lagerfeld was known to have successfully lost weight, so this is his very convincing design!

To be interested in collecting this Coca-Cola Coco Cola Cola-Cola, which is designed by Galeries Lafayette, can be purchased at the Colette in Paris. The current scheduled launch date is April 24th and costs €3.50.

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