Home sales market boycotts Tmall behind e-commerce to accelerate the impact of the store

Tmall's "Double Eleven" promotion once again encountered resistance from the offline. Recently, 19 physical home stores such as Red Star Macalline, Real Home and Jimei have issued regulations that strictly prohibit any merchant from spreading or promoting the “Double Eleven” promotion in Tmall and other e-commerce lines in any form. .

On November 5th, the reporter of "Daily Economic News" called the actual home and Jimei to interview the phone, but they did not contact the person in charge. Since then, the reporter sent an interview email to Red Star Macalline, but the reporter did not receive any reply.

However, on November 5, Wang Linpeng, the president of the Real Estate, told the Changjiang Business Daily that it was not against the manufacturers to do e-commerce, but to resist the behavior of Tmall to put the POS machine in the store.

On the same day, Red Star Macalline also said to the "Yangcheng Evening News" that the incident may be misunderstood. The reason is that the rapid development of e-commerce, inevitably some irregular operations, e-commerce as a future development trend and important sales channels, China Furniture Association It is not inappropriate to issue a document that regulates e-commerce.

It is understood that on October 23, the China Furniture Association issued a "Opinions of the China Furniture Association Marketing Committee on Standardizing E-Commerce Work." The opinions clearly pointed out that when manufacturers and merchants conduct low-price promotions online, they should notify the main partners such as the store and adjust the price of the store to be consistent with the online; without the permission of the store, they are not allowed to use the trademarks of the stores for publicity. It is not allowed to transfer the business of the store to another place for trading through the e-commerce mobile POS.

Wang Hongbo, a partner of Hejun Consulting Group, told reporters that some e-commerce companies put POS machines in the home building materials store, not only stole passenger traffic, but also snatched cash flow, which is the most deadly impact.

However, for the traditional home building materials store to join forces to resist, Tmall is not unresponsive. On November 4th, Tmall sent an email to all home-loading businesses indicating that the merchant could cancel the previously signed O2O supplemental agreement by written notice within 15 days.

In this regard, the Tmall public relations official told the "Daily Economic News" reporter that it is meaningless to keep the Tmall out, Tmall does not force the merchant to sign the O2O clause, the merchant certainly has the right to cancel, and the offline store boycott It doesn't matter.

A Beijing market door and window supplier told reporters that it is of little significance to combine the stores to resist, because even if they control the merchants, they can't control consumers.

Lu Feng, from Shanghai Dili Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd., said in an interview that e-commerce has begun to form an impact on the traditional furniture and building materials market. This is a problem that cannot be ignored. These hypermarkets are aware of this problem and have joined forces to resist some e-commerce. The "Double Eleven" promotion.

Some industry insiders believe that compared with other industries, home products pay more attention to customer experience and quality assurance, but these two points are the common "short board" of the current common e-commerce model. From the perspective of consumer interests, relying on the operating advantages of offline entities to achieve an effective combination of online and offline new e-commerce model is the future development direction of the home industry.

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