How to make thin lips thinner

Makeup steps for thick lips

How to make thin lips thinner

1. For thick lip makeup, it is necessary to choose the foundation to make a base on the lips. If the lip color is darker, you should use a lighter color than the foundation of the face. If the lips are not too thick, just use the foundation. Apply on the edges of the lips to dilute the boundaries of the lips and face.

2, we need to apply a layer of base gel or moisturizing lip balm on the lips, because doing so can make the lipstick more beautiful.

3. Use a lip brush with lip gloss to draw the shape of the lips along the edge of the lips. 360XH Xiaobian specially reminds us that we should appropriately lengthen the corners of the lips when we apply thick lip lines, so that we can visually The thickness of the lips is reduced.

How to make thick lips, you need a product that suits you.

If you want the lips to become thinner, we should choose the color of the lipstick, it should be chosen to be dark red, brick red and other dark colors can visually look like the lips are thinner, but if we go through the bottom of the lips And the lip line decoration, you can try a variety of color lipstick, Xiaobian reminded, if the skin is darker, you should avoid some brighter colors such as pink. >>>7 eyeshadows help you to take off your eyes in autumn

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