Improve the grade of manufacturing enterprises and improve the quality requirements of mold temperature machine

Normal > Kawada - Advanced mold temperature and media control technology creates product vitality

normal> Kawada Co., Ltd. (KAWATA MFG CO., LTD) was established in 1935, is the production of plastic molding machine peripheral equipment of famous enterprises. For the Chinese market needs, we have invested to set up Kawada (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. KAWATA (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD and Kawada Machinery Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. KAWATA MACH.MFG (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD.

Normal > Plastics have become an indispensable material for social development as plastics are widely used in various fields such as life, science and technology, and industry. Due to the different grades of plastic manufacturing companies, there are significant differences in the quality requirements for plastic auxiliary equipment. Some plastic manufacturing companies have misunderstandings about the use of mold temperature machines, and think that the quality of their own products is not high, the temperature of the mold can be strict, and there is no need to buy a good quality mold temperature machine. As long as it can be used, the cheaper the better; or As long as the water in the cooling tower is used, it can be cooled, and the flow can be produced by adjusting the flow rate with artificial experience. It is not necessary to increase the temperature of the mold. Although some companies have improved their products more than before, they do not need to use thermostats because they are still producing according to old methods and old experiences. If you use a mold temperature machine, you increase the cost, and they do not reflect their importance.

Normal > However, with the rapid development of science and technology in China and rapid economic development, products such as DVDs , mobile phones and computers are rapidly becoming popular. China's demand for plastics is increasing and the demand for plastic products is also increasing. Light guide plates, CDs With the rise of the special plastics industry, new and higher requirements have been put forward for the production and processing of plastics. Kawada Co., Ltd., which enjoys a reputation for mold temperature machine products, believes that mature products cannot be completed by a single designer. Strict quality requirements must go through every aspect of the production process. To this end, Kawada Corporation continues to improve and improve its products to meet the new needs of the plastics manufacturing industry based on the use and feedback of different customers.

Normal > Kawada company mold temperature machine product line includes

Normal > · ·        TW-LA/MA water temperature type

Normal > · ·        KCO-L oil temperature machine

Normal > · ·

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