Japan TACT ceramic powder grinding products have good wear resistance

According to overseas media reports, Japan's TACT ceramic powder grinding products can be used for 5000 low-return speed grinders, used in the polishing and grinding of stainless steels and precious metals, such as burnt black blocks, oxidative discoloration, rust, dirt, and scratches caused by welding. Burr, chamfer and other grinding.
According to the agent of Tactic Powder Co., Ltd., which is the agent of TACT ceramic powder grinding products, the product is made by combining ceramic powder with special resin glue, which has the advantages of wear-resistance, no powder generation, easy processing, and keeping the factory clean.
For the fine adjustment of the precision mold surface and general metal, non-metallic grinding, the company also introduced a shank grinding wheel, with the grinder to do precision grinding, micro burr removal, polishing and other processing.
In addition, the ceramic powder film is rich in texture, suitable for arc-shaped workpiece processing, such as electronic parts, fine burrs, chamfer polishing, welding black, discoloration, etc., and can be grinded with water. At the bend of the workpiece, it can be cut into an arc or elongated shape for easy processing.


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