Liuzhou Precision Industry: Precision Blow Molding Machine

Liuzhou Jingye Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Guangxi. It specializes in the production of automatic injection blow molding machines and automatic injection stretch blow molding machines. Many models are suitable for producing precision hollow products ranging from 2ML to 5000ML.

Jingye's fully automatic multi-function plastic blow molding machine adopts the world-famous product support from hydraulic components, pneumatic components and electrical components to ensure that all components of the machine can be reliably and continuously operated. At the same time, the machine also has the advantages of simple structure, small body size, low energy consumption, high degree of automation, easy tooling and easy replacement.

The products on display at this time include WB series fully automatic "PC (polycarbonate) injection blow one-step blow molding machine". It is mainly used in the production of baby transparent bottles, space cups, sports bottles and other highly transparent materials.

The production process of the automatic injection blow molding machine is to inject the tube blank first, and maintain its high temperature, and then automatically transfer to the next process, namely the blowing station, to complete the entire blowing process automatically. Note: The plastic bottle produced by blow molding machine has beautiful appearance, accurate size, good bottle sealing effect, no waste material tail, saving manpower, high degree of automation, and in the purification workshop, the production process can guarantee With a high degree of hygienic cleanliness, it is widely used in the field of pharmaceutical bottles.

The precision machine can be applied to the most widely used plastic materials, except for ordinary PE, PP, PS, etc., also applicable to PC, PMMA, K resin, etc.

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