Long-term fluid-assisted pump is listed as a national new product

Changzhi Hydraulic Co., Ltd. developed the NCB-B56 hydraulic variable-speed power-assisting pump, which was recently recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a national-level key new product plan in 2003.
This product is the power source of the hydraulic system of the shifting transmission for motor vehicles. It has the advantages of small size, good shift performance, and low impact, and is widely used in construction machinery such as automobiles, loaders, and excavators. The gearbox adopts a semi-automatic or fully automatic hydraulic transmission control system, which frees the driver from manual operation, reduces labor intensity and improves the driving comfort and safety of the vehicle; especially when working in reverse, automatic shifting is improved. Transmission efficiency and service life. At present, the company has provided support for the WG200 power shift transmission gearbox of Liuzhou ZF and put them on the market in batches.

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