Looking at the development of sheet-fed lithographic printing presses from IGAS99 (3)

This series of printers is also equipped with SAS automatic paper setting system. The SAS system can preset the printing pressure and print pressure of the front gauge, side gauge, delivery vacuum suction roller and delivery paper setting device after determining the size and thickness of the printing paper, and can perform axial printing during the printing process. , pull the plate circumferentially to ensure overprint accuracy; at the same time, the CTP equipment can directly transfer the ink density data of each area of ​​the plate to the Sakurai SCC color console and display it on the display screen. The operator can automatically and quickly Or manually adjust the ink volume of each ink zone; pneumatically inhale and feed the paper conveyor belt, remove the pressure paper and press paper components on the paper feeding board, no need to drive the paper roller, so as to reduce paper smearing and ensure the paper is stable, accurate and reliable. Reach the former rule.
In order to effectively save the auxiliary operation time and reduce the labor intensity of the operator, the ED11 series printer is equipped with an automatic SPC printing device and an automatic ink roller and blanket cleaning device. The roller pin positioning method eliminates the need for a pre-bent, fast-printing version of the printing plate to ensure fast, precise installation and positioning of the printing plate. The ink roller and the cleaning of the roller are all of a degree. The operator only needs to operate the buttons on the operation panel to complete the cleaning work and truly clean the operation.
The Sakurai ED11 series printers are equipped with a small cloth and coal drying system, which has a fast-acting option: 'iron is easy to operate, and the squeegee and coating tank are easily disassembled to meet the needs of indigenous people. The pressure between the roller and the squeegee between pneumatic rollers is also used. Make the control faster and more stable.
In this exhibition, Sakurai has also launched the OLIVER-474EP11 printer, which has a printing format of 740mm x 535mm. In addition to SAS, SCC, SPC and other functions similar to the OLIVER-ED11 series printers, the 474EP11 printer can also perform reverse printing and complete both positive and negative two-color printing. The suction device on the tail of the paper ensures that the tissue can be flipped well without tearing the paper. This type of machine can also be combined with the CTP direct platemaking system to meet the requirements of short-lived and high production efficiency and high quality printing.
4. Hamada Waterless Offset Press opens up new ways for short-run, high-quality prints. Hamada is known for producing single- and double-color eight-port small presses. In addition to the new B252 compact offset press on the basis of the HAMADA B452, the Hamada company also developed the V-Color48 eight-color five-color waterless offset press with TORAY in Japan. Offset platesetter.
The V-Color48 is a printing device that uses two double-diameter impression cylinders, a triple-diameter transfer cylinder, and five sets of inking units. Use the paper transfer method and the layout scheme of feeding paper and paper in the same direction of the machine, and match the infrared drying system. Due to the use of flat concave and convex silicone plates and special waterless offset printing inks, the offset printing machine does not need the upper water device. Therefore, the printing ink is bright and the balance of water-free ink adjustment is troublesome. And it is also conducive to the improvement of overlay accuracy. Due to the adoption of the pay-per-paper splitting method, the floor space of the whole machine is reduced, and the total length of the five-color printing press is only 2.2m. However, due to this, the capacity of the paper-feeding table is also limited. It can load about 2000 sheets of paper. When printing short-run color prints, this machine has the characteristics of ensuring higher printing quality, faster speed, and lower cost than digital printing machines, and is most suitable for the printing of color prints with short editions and high quality requirements.
Based on the HAMADA B452 four-color offset press, Hamada introduced the B252 two-color offset press. The machine is still using the swing swing delivery device to ensure the accuracy of high-speed overprint; continuous water supply device and equipped with a circulating cooling device to ensure that the printing plate to provide a thin and even fountain solution; EPS quick change plate device, reduced Register adjustment time and change time; two-color group share the double-diameter impression cylinder, reducing the number of paper transfer; rubber roller three-point suspension eccentric bearing and pneumatic clutch pressure mechanism, so that the printing press has high printing accuracy, easy operation and so on . In addition, the printing press is also equipped with a blanket cleaning device, an ink remote control system, etc., to meet the requirement of convenient, rapid, high-precision, and auxiliary time saving for the printing press.
In short, we can see through this exhibition that today's sheet-fed presses are moving toward more refined print quality, a higher degree of automation, a more simplified print production process, more intelligent adjustment methods, and more. Simple operation, low labor intensity development; development in the direction of direct plate making, direct printing, single key productivity, clean operation, and on-demand printing; in the direction of favorable use of resources and in favor of environmental protection development of.
J2108 Machine Printed Sheets 叼 破 破 破 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我. The appearance of the breach is more regular. There is a relatively fixed break in every 11 sheets of paper, and the number of the delivery teeth of the 08 machine is exactly 11. We immediately checked the transfer between the impression cylinder and the take-up tooth row. It was found that the take-up tooth pad touched the impression cylinder when it was handed over, opened the wall panel, advanced the take-up drum, and was still broken. Where is the problem? We slowly look at the car and found that each tooth row has a different degree of vibration when it is transferred to the impression cylinder. However, if there is a broken tooth row, the vibration amplitude is larger. It is not estimated that the wear of the bracket is the wear of the slider. At the moment, we immediately removed the teeth from the mouth and found that the slider was worn out. In some cases, it was about 1.5 mm. Some of the pins were worn to varying degrees. When the machine rotates at a high speed, when the worn tooth row is connected to the paper, the open roller suddenly falls from the high position of the open tooth plate to a low position. The wear of the slider and the pin shaft produces a large amount of vibration, resulting in a large vibration amplitude. The trajectory is suddenly overshot and the paper is torn; at low speeds, the vibration is small and the power is soft and does not cause a break. We will replace the worn parts with new ones and test cars will disappear. (Finish)

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