Modern Packaging Design and Chinese Traditional Culture

Abstract : Through the analysis of the important ideas of traditional Chinese culture and the concept of modern packaging design, we are trying to find the relationship between the two, so as to expound the relationship between modern packaging design and traditional culture.

Keywords: modern packaging design; traditional Chinese culture; relationship

Packaging design is a reflection of the overall culture of society. Hegel said: Every artwork belongs to its time and its people. The same is true of packaging design as a cultural phenomenon. In the modern Chinese cultural and ecological environment where the revival of traditional culture is becoming increasingly apparent, the relationship between how commodity packaging deals with traditional culture involves a major issue of how to coordinate the relationship between traditional culture and China’s modernization.

Traditional Chinese culture originated on the basis of agricultural economy, and packaging design emerged as a cultural phenomenon on a large scale, strictly speaking after China was incorporated into the world capitalist commodity market system. The two may seem paradoxical, but in reality it is not. Traditional culture implies modern ideas. Product packaging also benefits directly from it. Commodity economy and commodity packaging emerged earlier than the sprout of capitalism and blended with traditional culture. After the changes in the social nature of modern China, a large number of old-fashioned commodities entered their modern history with their own packaging, indicating that the relationship between tradition and reality has not been completely separated. This shoulder shows us to find the point of connection between modern packaging design and traditional culture. Confucianism and Taoism advocated art for life, showing that the spirit of Chinese art is consistent with the concept of the WTO's entry into the world. This is the basis of both.

The packaging has the functions of protection of goods, promotion, beautification, convenient storage and transportation, sales and social environment, and so on. This article mainly discusses whether or not the traditional culture and the modern business culture can be integrated and how to integrate them from the following aspects.

1 The relationship between form and content of packaging design and the product itself

The content determines the form, the form reflects the content, and many traditional Chinese cultures have discussed this. Quality wins the text wild, Wensheng quality is history. Gentle, then gentleman. Gentlemen think that quality is quality. Gong Gong answer spines. If a gentleman is a jealous man, why should he be an essay? It is also a literary text and a quality text. It is also L1J_. . The expressive ones must be forged in shape, form, and mind, and God's trust is also L2. The unity of form and content on product packaging also involves the issue of Confucian so-called "honesty." Sincerely, the path to heaven is also true, and sincere, the way of humanity. Sincere, not in the meantime, but not in the mind, calm Road, the saints are also the people of honesty, choose the good and obstinate also.. Chengren, the object has always been J_. The philosopher Zhou Dunyi also regards "honesty as the fundamental principle of morality and political theory. According to this, excessively pursuing the appearance of luxurious packaging is in conflict with the spirit of traditional Chinese culture. Packaging should be different depending on the grade of the product. "People's Daily News" has reported that a Banlangen granule from a pharmaceutical factory in Shenzhen, Guangdong, uses five layers of parcels, and the cellophane-wrapped boxes are still hot with raised gold. Popular consumer products cannot be so lavishly decorated. Another phenomenon of overpacking is that the volume is too large and even deceptive packaging. If there are more than 1/2 of the space inside the candy packaging, it is a waste; some manufacturers put some inferior goods on iron boxes, zipper bags, magnet type stationery boxes, and so on, as a decoy sucker l customers. Designing children's toy packaging must pay attention to the characteristics of children's psychology, such as bright colors and strong contrasts. If they are designed as cosmetic packaging, this will not work. The simple packaging can not adapt to the market, such as China's exports of superior quality drawer locks, but the packaging carton printing is poor, a box of a dozen, old and low-grade, can not enter the supermarket, 3 US dollars a foreign capital is called. 1 and other products, 2 and other packaging, 3 and other prices, and foreigners will change to small packages, and then to the market to sell several times higher prices. The foreign lock is a lock and a blister pack, which sells for 30 rounds.

Some people think that the commercial competition is to a large extent the competition of packaging design J_. But this must be based on product quality. The Shiquan Dabu Liquor produced in Shaoxing produced only 50,000 bottles in 1980, with an output value of 90,000 yuan. The packaging was improved in 1981. By 1984, the output reached 1.8 million bottles, which was an increase of more than 30 million bottles before the improvement. In the opposite case, Maotai was left out in 1915 at the Panama World Expo because of bad decoration, and the distributor broke the bottle with a spur of wisdom, so the buyer only ordered the smell.

2 Winning with an intuitive visual design

Chinese traditional culture uses intuitive imagery as the basic way of thinking. The master of Chinese culture Zhang Yinian said: Chinese philosophy only focuses on empirical evidence in life but does not focus on logical argumentation. Packaging design should give full play to the Chinese people's thinking characteristics. This is especially true for products for the general public and children. Such intangible meanings as tangible things such as a good moon, Songhe Yannian, Longfeng Chingxiang, “Three Friends of the Years of the Cold, and a lion’s eyeball” can be used to express people’s intangible meaning. This creates a sense of simplicity and elegance, and the “Fine Wine Packaging Design” uses a combination of distinctive residential buildings and Chinese characters and alcoholic drinks to create a graphic. The bottle shape and the wine label on the box make people feel that the wine is pure and alcohol-rich. Cultural characteristics: “The design of safe wine containers and packaging boxes” uses the door-god image styling for the sake of bottle spirits, reflecting the meaning of peace. In the “wine packaging”, the designer integrated the Shang Dynasty bronze ware (ceramic bottle) and bamboo tube into one The shape of the outer packaging is very similar to that of an ancient Chinese corner roof building. Two of the branches are made of bamboo pipes, and there are Shang dynasty characters on the other. The other side is painted with a black and white pattern that symbolizes the longevity of the wine. (-1-Wine "Packaging Design" uses red clay to bake packaging containers and is wrapped in a traditional blue-printed cloth in Xiangxi. The packing box is plated in layers, giving people the accumulation of Tujia Diaojiao Building roofs and ancient pottery pieces in Xiangxi. Like, packaging based on the hemp rope and wood, showing strong modern style of the original flavor and ethnic customs in.

3 Focus on calming the ideological realm

Many words are endless, it's better to be in the middle, to mourn without hurt, to be happy without kinky. The music that is not kinky or hurt is in harmony with the music in the music. The nephew said that the voice of the poet was also stopped, but also said that music and harmony. The music player and the discipline of peace are also L9. . Straight but not sturdy, unyielding, sad, not stunned, happy but not ridiculous but not the end, but not flow. Five sounds, eight winds, festivals, observances and orderliness. The value and function of various arts is to build such a kind of universal emotional harmony. It can be seen that Zhonghe is the standard for the beauty that Kongmen demand for music. This ideology and external Buddhism thoughts merged into the Chinese Taoist esthetics. After it was introduced to Japan, aesthetic concepts such as charm, dilute, occult, and desolate emerged, which made many modern Japanese packaging designs sour. There is a white wine packaging design that won the gold medal of the International Packaging Contest. The soft glass faint pattern brings an elegant and elegant feeling.

4 focus on personalized packaging design

One of the important purposes of merchandise packaging is to attract customers. Design must have personality. There are many ideas in traditional culture that can make packaging design highlight its own characteristics. "Laozi" said that it was a matter of simplicity, and he said, "Dainyinshengsheng, elephants are invisible, they are intangible, and they don't speak out. They are unavoidable in the five colors that are blinding, the five sounds are deaf, and the five flavors are breathtaking. It is feasible to open up the design and use plain and eye-catching features, which is consistent with the notion that successful designers in the United States must be concise.

5 Advocating natural, natural and human design concepts

The law of man, the law of heaven, the law of heaven, the law of nature. The Taoist conception reflects the advocacy of nature. Packaging design using this design concept can achieve good results. The bionics appearing in sales packages are closely related to this. The so-called bionic method refers to the method of designing a package that mimics the image, structure, function, color, material, and texture of a living creature in order to make the package have the similarity of the biological form, structure, and characteristics, giving life, vitality, etc. Feelings. If the jujube jujube is packaged in a wicker box with voids in the weaving, it can not only meet the requirement of ventilation, but also make the taste of this native product more mellow. Baoding picking pickles pickles, first with Vitex knurled into a pupa, and in the inner side of the pupa, the outer half of the outer lining with lotus leaf, and then the pig blood brush on the surface of the lotus leaf outside the mouth, from the leakage, Preservation effect. The pickles were sealed in plastic bags before they were put into the enamel, and a red paper with graphic and text was sealed at the gargle and finally ligated with a string. The high-strength Vitex nepheline is very good at preventing collisions. This kind of packaging promotion function is very good.

6 Absorbing the Simple Syndrome Thinking in Traditional Culture

In the middle of the day, there is no balance between the moon and the eclipse, and it is easy to make a difference, and the length and shape are relatively high. Ideas can be widely used in packaging design. Such as: symmetrical and balanced design principles, symmetrical shape with a dignified, peaceful and perfect sense of balance to break the symmetry of stability, with a lively, lively visual experience, so that modeling full of dynamic beauty and quiet in the moving artistic beauty. Another example is the relationship between change and unity. Change is diversification, making the modelling lively and innovative. Uniformity is consistency, which can make the shape have a harmonious, comfortable and tidy visual effect. The unified and changing overall image is the most basic requirement for packaging modeling. It is based on unity, changes are auxiliary, and differences are the same. Others such as contrast and harmony, stability and vividness, repetition and echoing, rhythm and rhythm, all reflect such thoughts.

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