New non-woven production process

The invention relates to a production process of a new type of non-woven fabric, which is that after the fiber web layer 1 is preheated by a heating device 2 and then rolled by a rolling mill 3, a product 4 is formed. The production process is used to preheat the fiber web first, so that the bonding fiber in the fiber is in a viscous state, so that it reaches the process temperature, and the roller is rolled at a relatively low pressure and low temperature, and the fiber in the fiber web is hardly damaged. , The roll is not deformed. In this state, the nonwoven fabric of the roll has high strength, uniform thickness, and no sticky roll phenomenon. It improves the feel, greatly improves the quality of the nonwoven fabric, improves the production efficiency of the nonwoven fabric, and reduces the nonwoven fabric. Production costs.
Application Date: August 10, 2001 Open Date: February 20, 2002 Authorization Announcement Date:
Applicant / Patentee: Shi Jianqing Applicant Address: Invention Designer of Huanxi Road Industrial Park, Huangtang Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province: Shi Jianqing Patent Agency: Jiangyin Tongsheng Patent Office Agent: Tang Renlan Patent Type: Patent

The Corn Starch Plastic Bags are made of 100% biodegradable material. It can be completely biodegraded under composting conditions for 90 days. It is non-traditional plastic material and does not contain any harmful substances. After use, the  corn starch plastic bags can be composted together with the packaged materials (kitchen waste, garbage, fallen leaves, etc.). The Compostable Bags can be decomposed into CO2 and water by bacteria in the composting environment, and the bacteria die after the end of the degradation process and become organic fertilizer.

Corn Starch Plastic Bags

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