PTE resin bottle: green packaging for good drinks

In this era of security supremacy, what kind of material container can be used to guarantee the quality and safety of drinks? Since glass is a fusion of copper oxide, potassium dichromate, industrial alkalis, and other inorganic substances, for food safety, glass is not only brittle and explosive, but also tends to have small glass crucibles that are not easily visible to the naked eye. Aluminum, and arsenic (anti-foaming agent) problems of melting out. Paper containers used to make beverage containers also include chemicals such as anti-seepage agents, sizing agents, fillers (makes the paper opaque), bleaches, dyes, etc. in the papermaking process, and can also dissolve anti-mould agents and formaldehyde. And other pollution drinks! Commonly used metal cans also have the disadvantages of internal coating shedding and contamination.

Since the 1970s, PTE resin bottles have been increasingly used in food packaging, especially in beverage packaging. PTE resin bottles have the advantages of ensuring food safety and facilitating environmentally friendly recycling. PTE resin bottle has become a modern beverage container widely used in the world, and it is called by domestic and foreign experts as the best food packaging material in the 21st century.

Reprinted from: China Packaging Information Network

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