Recycling flame-retardant PS scrap into pellets

Nippon Steel Chemical started recycling plastics since 2002. The company will use a flame-retardant polystyrene (PS) with a high market share of the company and will be recycled into plastics using compounding technology. It will set up an experiment with an annual processing capacity of about 1,000 tons at the Research Institute of Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture. factory. In addition to the chemical regeneration of waste plastics at Junjin Iron Works jointly with Nippon Steel, the company also researched the recycling business of foamed PS buoys.
The company has long been engaged in the research and development of plastics recycling of waste plastics. Because of its technological clues, and the implementation of the home appliance recycling and reproduction law, the social requirements are rising, the company has decided to make a business, and will occupy the company's possession of home appliances. The rate of fire-retardant PS is the center. Using the compounding technology, the physical properties of the waste plastic are restored to the original state, and the plastic particles are recycled.

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