Sacmi launches two new capping equipment

It is reported that Sacmi will exhibit two new capping equipments at the Milan Plastics Show 2006 in Italy, including: Large-caliber pressure-molding and capping equipment CCM24L, and a FSM cut-and-sew machine.

CCM24L is a capping machine that consists of 24 sets of molds and uses a compression molding process. For large-size PE and PP cover market demand, the aircraft can produce a large lid diameter of 63 mm. The maximum production speed is 400 caps per minute, and the cycle time is 3.75 seconds.

In order to save the production site, Sacmi Company has also developed a FSM. The machine can complete two processes of hemming and cutting in one production step, not only reducing costs, but also saving space occupation and manpower. The FSM handles 2,000 lids per minute, while the lid has a diameter of 63 mm.

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