Selection of Adhesives for Food and Drug Packaging (3)

Third, how to choose the adhesive Because of the actual situation has been far more than demand, so that color printing composite packaging material manufacturers dazzling, in the face of many suppliers of home sales, I do not know what to do. Many high-quality composite material manufacturers say: Faced with so many self-suppressing sales, they neither understand nor believe, and they have doubts. Is there a criterion for dividing prices by price? As a color printing compound packaging material manufacturer, no matter what raw and auxiliary materials are selected, the simplest principle is that it is cheap and good, and it is necessary to replace the most and the best items with the least expenditure.
At present, the adhesive has exceeded supply, has changed from the seller's market ten years ago to today's buyer's market, the phenomenon of low prices has long appeared, the same performance, the same type of product, a few years ago sales price is 2.4 million yuan / t , but now it has dropped to 20,000 yuan/t. In the face of this situation, it depends on the connotation of Wumart. Therefore, in the case of low-cost, how to choose Wumart adhesive? From the point of view of professional development, research, production and sales of adhesives, the following points are put forward for your reference:
1. First of all, consider how many basic knowledge of adhesive production suppliers have mastered the adhesive for food and Pharmaceutical Packaging? How strong is the research and development capability? How much independent intellectual property does he have? The words of Wanji Ginseng's affixed words "have more to understand and do better" are very profound. Some time ago, there were various degrees of impetuosity, exaggeration, and falsification in China’s academic circles, scientific research, and industrial circles, which were even more serious in shopping malls. This unhealthy trend has caused worries of people of insight. They call for integrity, science, and counterfeiting! Therefore, we can not only choose to introduce adhesives, but pay attention to its essence.
2. From the basic properties of the adhesives mentioned above, some of them are strict, major, and others are loose. When selecting adhesives, we must grasp the key things. Of course, seven good glues are the best glues. The so-called strict, mainly refers to the adhesive and health security, the so-called loose, refers to several other indicators. From the point of view of use, the most intuitive and easiest to notice is the ability to stick together a variety of different properties of the substrate. After sticking, how big is its peeling force and how is its durability? If this is not the most basic performance, or adhesive fastness is not high, then this adhesive is not a good adhesive. A good adhesive can not only bond a variety of materials at the same time, but also has high bonding fastness, good adhesive fastness and good resistance. Some glues have disadvantages in terms of continuous adhesive fastness, and the peeling force of the compound will continue to decrease over time, but it is often not easy for the user to notice. This requires the use of plastic units to track adhesives, establish technical files, and compare and classify various types of adhesives.
The issue of health and safety has not been given enough attention by everyone in the past. Some people still do not know that this is the case, and others are based on ideas that have passed or gone. Manufacturers of adhesives suppliers can provide hygiene inspection data or hygiene licenses when they sell products, but there are some problems with inadequate qualifications or insufficient data, for example, some can only provide basic health and disease prevention at a certain place. Stations or food hygiene supervision and inspection institute inspection materials or hygiene license approval documents, but not according to the provisions of the provincial and municipal authorities to provide the information, approval documents, and some only provide the LD50 said that the glue is a practical non-toxic substances, The official production approval document did not specify the specific number of LD50. In addition, LD5 alone can only indicate its acute toxicity status, but it cannot indicate deeper (chronic, recessive, genetic) toxicity. Therefore, when selecting adhesives, it is better to use multiple adhesives for the eyes and minds, and to select the adhesives that have been systematically and comprehensively evaluated by the provincial and municipal authorities for toxicological safety evaluation and approved for official production and sales.
3, the current status of China's adhesives. There are about 300 factories that produce adhesives across the country. Generally speaking, the types of products commonly used in the world can be produced in China. In particular, several units with a long history, strong technical strength, and strong research and development abilities can provide ordinary Type, can also provide dedicated and functional, but also provide special type, basically to meet the requirements of each grade. However, there are also a few products that have this or that problem listed here, for the selection of adhesives:
1 The appearance quality is poor and the glue liquid is very dark. This has some effect on transparent packaging. Normal glue should be almost colorless or only a faint pale yellow, definitely not dark yellow, coffee, soy sauce color. There are two reasons for the darkness: one is the failure of raw materials, and the other is the process equipment. The color is too dark, indicating that there are too many impurities in the glue and the overall quality may be problematic. (To be continued)

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