Stainless steel new packaging paper

Qinhuangdao City recently successfully developed "stainless steel rust-proof wrapping paper" and has applied for national patents. "Stainless steel rust-proof paper" patented technology is specifically developed for the protection of stainless steel corrosion packaging. It added "stainless steel stainless steel rust agent" on the "paper base" suitable for stainless steel packaging, which made the paper special protection and protection against stainless steel rust. The paper can be suitable for rust-proof packaging of stainless steel plates, wire rods, mesh materials, parts and appliances, not only has good anti-rust effect, but also has no toxicity and pollution during the production process of rust-proof paper, and does not change the equipment of the original paper mill. And conditions, less investment and quick results.
During the storage, transportation and use of metals, due to the effects of water vapor, oxygen, acids, alkalis, salts, and carbides in the ambient atmosphere, corrosion may occur under certain conditions of temperature, humidity, and time. It will cause the loss of metal and the deterioration and loss of the function of metal components. At present, the wrappers used to prevent metal corrosion are gas phase type and contact type, but all belong to general-purpose metal anti-rust paper, and are not special anti-rust paper for stainless steel, which affects the anti-rust effect of stainless steel.

Display Stand

Our Display Stand paper is  use environmentally friendly materials, gray board is made of pure wood pulp, kraft paper pit, printed on paper surface,waterproof, scratch processing, according to the customer to do all kinds of hot gold, to the various requirements of UV, printing effect. Products do not cause any toxic or radiation damage to the human body. Combined with the pursuit of people's aesthetics and the convenience of life, various kinds of display shelves are specially designed for various shopping malls, exhibition fairs, offices, conference rooms, families and so on. The use of light and flexible, convenient transportation, cost saving, simple installation, small area, easy to move, environmental protection, energy saving, beautiful and generous! Bring people different visual effects, give the goods a wonderful life, dance the rhythm of beauty!

Display Stand

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