Taiwan's Listed New Type Japanese Cross-Forklift

In Taiwan, China recently introduced the Japanese TCMACROBA traverse forklift that can achieve 90-degree cornering performance, filling a gap in the island market.
The horizontal forklift is the mainstream of the future forklift market. TCM Corporation is one of the world famous manufacturers specializing in forklifts. ACROBA traverse forklift is the latest development of a new generation of forklift products with 38 patents in one. The four-wheel vehicle can be used for 90-degree turning, horizontal running, zero-angle turning, dual-hydraulic motor drive system, etc. In addition, the seat can be used for 45-degree rotation, equipped with the second accelerator pedal and other functions.
It is estimated that the size of the island market will reach 100 in the initial period and gradually replace the status of traditional forklifts.
As the transverse forklift has the mechanical properties that the traditional forklift does not have, it can improve the utilization of the warehouse space, increase the working efficiency, and have more design safety. It does not slip on the ground where water or snow accumulates. It is suitable for use in the timber industry, warehousing, and fishery industries.

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