Teach you to change your skin care away from itching sensitive muscles

During the dry season, the skin is prone to allergies. In the season of choosing skin care products, special attention should be paid to some details in order to stay away from itching allergies.

Teach you to change your skin care away from itching sensitive muscles

1, choose slightly acidic cleansing products

The skin is mostly sensitive to dryness, lack of water or excessive cleaning. Therefore, when choosing a cleanser, do not choose an alkaline product that is too strong or too irritating. If the alkalinity is too strong, it will damage the skin. Therefore, it should be mild and slightly acidic. good.

2, with alcohol-free toner

Toner contains alcohol and has astringent pores and tightness, but it is easy to cause redness and allergies. Sensitive skin should choose a mild, soothing and non-alcoholic, perfume-free toner. When applying, use the index finger, middle finger and ring finger to flick the skin. Do not force it to be irritated.

3, avoid using oil control formula

At present, oil control products are popular, but skin-sensitive people themselves lack oily moisture. There is no need to use oil-light control ingredients in daily creams, as long as there are active particle components that can lock the skin moisture.

4, exfoliating products should be used with caution

Exfoliating is a cautious step in skin care for sensitive skin. Excessive force massage and coarse scrub particles can cause damage to sensitive skin due to the thinness of the skin and the sensitivity to foreign objects. A milder exfoliating cream is available, and a two-week treatment is sufficient. Dry sensitive muscles should not use exfoliating products containing fruit acids.

5, whitening freckle products choose mild series

Usually, the products of whitening, freckle and acne are mostly rich in active ingredients, the variety is complex, and the allergic rate is relatively high, so it is necessary to select anti-allergic products. Whitening products are suitable for products that are rich in vitamin C series. They can whiten and moisturize the skin while increasing the body's resistance. It helps prevent allergic reactions, and mildness will not harm the skin. Freckle products should not contain illicit products such as hydroquinone (hydroquinone) and other skin irritations.

Teach you to change your skin care away from itching sensitive muscles

Do a daily cleaning basic care

For allergic skin care, you must be extra careful, in sensitive skin, not suitable for intensive care work, simple and gentle scientific care.

1, daily basic care

Moderately clean. “Moderate cleansing” is the focus of sensitive skin care, because the dirt inside the pores is also the culprit of allergies and inflammation, but do not wash your head, the sebum layer is destroyed, and the skin is more susceptible to allergies.

The right choice: facial cleanser does not contain soap-based ingredients, does not contain exfoliating ingredients, mild texture, preferably natural ingredients. Sensitive muscles are suitable for emulsion or cream remover, only rubbing and not washing.

The correct way to cleanse: stick to the way of washing without blistering, only wash your cheeks with warm water, avoid vigorous sputum when washing your face, and the skin will not wash more and more dry. If you are worried about not using the foamy cleansing products , you can try the "foaming method": put the cleanser out of the rich foam, apply it to your face for a minute, then rinse it off with warm water.

The correct way to remove makeup: The emulsified cleansing oil product will wash off the oil on the surface of the skin during the emulsification process, making the sebum film thin, which will make the skin sensitive. Change the lotion-like or cream-like make-up remover, apply them to your face, massage them a little, then wipe them off with a make-up.

Teach you to change your skin care away from itching sensitive muscles

Sitafu facial cleanser

Recommended reason: no fragrance, known as the world's most gentle facial cleanser, can also be used as a makeup remover, effectively dissolve makeup; can be washed with water, or directly on the face dry cleaning, easy to wash off dirt makeup.

2, moisturizing whitening care notes

“Moisturizing” is another maintenance focus for sensitive skin. Anti-sensitive lotion has a higher water content, which can soothe sensitive skin more than cream, help skin to adjust to fullness and increase resistance.

The right choice: Choose sensitive skin special products, labeled gentlemildsensitive products, designed for sensitive skin, can be used with confidence.

Nursing method: After cleaning in the morning, in addition to moisturizing, use a special day cream for sensitive skin. After washing your face at night, you can cover your face with a hot towel for 2~3 minutes, then cover it with a cold towel for 1-2 minutes, then use nutrient type. Apply lotion to the face, pat it and let the skin absorb it. Finally, apply a moisturizing and hypoallergenic night cream and gently massage until absorbed. >>> Soothing skin care products bid farewell to dry night sleep

Special attention: the skin should not be intensive care during the sensitive period, you can take the method of muscle fasting.

The skin is like the stomach, and the absorption after the break is particularly good. The maintenance of the previous night was no longer carried out in addition to the basic cleaning work. The skin that was not rubbed after a whole night of fasting, the absorption will be significantly improved. Early in the morning, you can use the night lotion or night cream that should be used at night to ensure that the skin absorbs all the nutrients. In areas where there is a special lack of water, you can add another layer to balance the oil and water.

Once the skin is getting better, you can stop the "fasting" if you only have one day. If you don't recover, then you can practice it for another day. After the skin returns to normal, you can return to the routine maintenance method.

Teach you to change your skin care away from itching sensitive muscles

Avene red moisturizer

Recommended reason: rich in vascular protective ingredients extract, false leaf root and dextran sulfate, can effectively prevent persistent redness of the skin. It is rich in soothing and anti-irritating Avene active spring water, which gently moisturizes the skin, helps to promote the normal microcirculation of the skin, and restores the complexion of the skin tone. In addition, SPF10's sun protection index can reduce the stimulation and damage of the skin's capillaries by ultraviolet rays.

2, self-study anti-allergic emergency

Immediately after the appearance of skin irritation, stop using any cosmetic products and skin care products that are harmful, and observe and maintain the skin. At this point, the following two anti-allergy economic methods can be considered.

(1) Yogurt mask. Use a pure, plain yoghurt with the right amount of flour to make a mask or apply it directly to the face with yogurt.

(2) The peeled banana smash can be mixed with the drug sin (minister), stir well, and washed for half an hour. The latter method is also very effective against allergies caused by ultraviolet rays.

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