The Ink Balance Factors Affecting Offset Printing Journals--Printing Plates

The majority of books and periodicals printing houses, when printing books and periodicals, due to the complexity and particularity of the offset printing process, led to the same book's ink color, it is difficult to maintain its uniform ink color before and after, thus affecting the offset printing quality. The density of offset printing is 1.00 to 1.50, and the allowable error of the solid density of the same batch of printed products is less than 0.25. In order to improve the printing quality of offset printing books, in actual operation, it must be based on the actual situation in accordance with the standards specified by the process to regulate the operation, pay attention to the following factors affect the balance of printing ink and offset printing ink and many factors.

First, printing plate

The quality of the printing plate determines the printing effect. If offset printing is to achieve high quality, then every aspect of the plate making process must be standardized and meet the standards.

The PS plate stock should not be stored for too long and should be stored in a dark, damp-proof, dry and well ventilated environment to ensure that the plate is not damaged. Only in this way can it be ensured that the printed screens, patterns, and texts reproduced in the print are good, that there is no lack of pen strokes, that the layout of the screens is clearly structured, and the pattern depth is consistent. It is also recommended that the best choice for the printing plant is the use of high-quality plates and kits from l to 2 manufacturers in order to be proficient in proper exposure and optimum development time. Solar printing plates use a scattering film for double-exposing printing plates, and the printing effect will be better. Whether you use the version of the kit or self-developed developer, you must first develop the test, and then proceed to formal work. Correctly grasp the developer's fatigue level, absolutely avoid the improper development of the amount of developer caused by the depth of the printing plate is not the same as the drawbacks. In addition, attention should also be paid to the cleaning work of the printing plate glass, whether the suction of the printing plate is even and whether the film is close to the plate material film. If the pumping is not tight, it can easily cause the printing plate texts and outlets to send out imaginary flowers, and even some outlets will not be able to get out of the sun; it will affect the copying effect of the originals and cause the manuscripts to be reproduced poorly... In case of bulk publications, reduce Production costs, improve the printing plate's resistance to printing force, it is best to put the sunning PS plate in the oven for 5 to 8 minutes, and the correct understanding of the oven temperature 230 °C ~ 250 °C. The operation must be standardized, and the plate must be handled cleanly. If necessary, use 3% phosphoric acid solution for the surface treatment of the PS plate to reduce the chances of the plates being dirty and improve the quality of offset printing. The film in the books and magazines must be clean and there must be no dirt on it. The cutting must meet the standards and must not be too small. In order to facilitate the layout, the tape should not be too large during the imposition, and the paste should not be too much. The pattern and text should not be too close. When the sunscreen is vacuumed, the pattern of the PS plate, the text is false, or the stroke is missing. , affect the quality of books and prints.

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