The replacement of printed greeting cards has become an inevitable

[ppzhan Abstract] The "forbidden card" order was introduced, and the development of the printing industry was hit hard. Many printing companies said that orders have shrunk. This is destined to be disappointing for printing companies that are counting on a turnaround at the end of this year. It can be seen that the profit points of traditional printing enterprises are constantly decreasing, and transformation and upgrading have become the inevitable path for the continued development of enterprises.

On October 31, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a ban on public funds to purchase and send Chinese New Year cards. At one time, major state-owned enterprises and institutions and institutions have cancelled orders for desk calendars and calendars in previous years. The central government has imposed new strict restrictions on the consumption of public funds for the festival, which demonstrates the firm determination to correct the "four winds" from scratch, from shallow to deep, from easy to difficult, and step by step to eliminate waste and save resources. But printing companies can't help but complain. It is understood that starting from November every year, gradually enter the annual sales peak. This year, after the ban was issued, many merchants received cancellation orders, and some merchants had to hang their customized calendars in the store. In this regard, the owner of an almanac store in the Central China Book Exchange Center was unable to do anything. "I hope that I can receive orders on New Year's Day and deal with the inventory at my disposal."

The rapid withdrawal of big customers has made some greeting card sellers "unprepared." Looking at the market, not only the business of the New Year’s card market is sluggish, but also the products that have been given gifts in the past years, such as the annual calendar and the desk calendar, have also been “implied”. Although it is near the end of the year, the printing line of greeting cards and calendars in the production workshop has been suspended. According to reports, at this time of the previous year, the company's annual greeting card printing business will reach tens of thousands of copies, employees must work overtime to complete. This year, the Central Discipline Inspection Commission forbids public funds to purchase greeting cards. As of now, the company has not received orders for the greeting card calendar business. In this regard, many advertising companies are already considering shifting their business focus from institutions and institutions to SMEs.

"It was getting worse and harder to print this line. Now the central government bans it. In the past years, there were no big orders for the desk calendar and the annual calendar." The high-ranking company in the print industry has been working for ten years. The general manager of the company, he bluntly said that the current calendar, the calendar market's depression "has never been." Gao Gan told reporters that the number of orders for calendars and desks that their company had undertaken in previous years was about 10,000. Many of these orders came from banks, party and government agencies and other units. The number of orders this year has dropped sharply, so far only a few hundred private enterprise orders have been received.

“Generally speaking, from mid-October to early December, the peak period of greeting cards and calendars was customized. All enterprises and institutions concentrated on calling and consulting and quoting during this time. No one asked this year.” Gao Gan said that in the company located in Yingkou Road, during the half-hour interview with the reporter, almost no business calls were made to inquire. The large office was particularly deserted, and the sales staff in the room seemed to be doing nothing. "In the past years, this was the time for us to be busy. All kinds of inquiries and calls for placing orders continued. This year is nothing," said a salesperson.

Gao Gan and employees took the initiative to launch promotional calls and promoted greeting cards to some companies. Gao Gan said that the main business in previous years was to send the door to the other side. Now, in order to tide over the difficulties, he had to actively promote sales, telephone, WeChat, and visits. Many methods were used. In order to visit customers, Gao Gan often went out with dozens of calendars in the past few days and went to some office buildings to sell. "The state-owned enterprises and institutions are gone, and they can only rely on some private enterprises to take some business."

The order has dropped sharply and the business has been deserted. The old printer who has been working for ten years has made up his mind to turn to other trades. "Business is getting worse and worse. I plan to do some sideline work first, and slowly make a transition, and gradually reduce the business of printing this piece." Many of Gaogan’s peers have a hard time, and many people have begun to get involved in other businesses. .

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