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The diminishing of consumers is the lack of confidence in the consumer environment and the level of hygiene. Qinhuangdao Tongsheng Fast Food Co., Ltd. undertook great efforts to rectify the situation in terms of hygiene. The supervision department is responsible for the supervision and inspection and guidance; the implementation of health responsibility to people, adhere to the "everytime ventilation, daily disinfection"; tableware also from the original one The sanitation process has been strengthened by the current one-touch two-three disinfection with a dilute disinfectant solution, followed by double disinfection with a sterilizer; the store also provides customers with sufficient hand sanitizer, disinfectant solution and reminds customers to wash their hands before meals. At the same time, all employees of the company need to take daily measurements of body temperature and wear disposable gloves and masks before starting work.
When the church eats less, can we send the food out? In response to people’s unwillingness to go out for dinner, our company has given full play to the functions of the distribution center and has taken advantage of the traditional fast-food restaurant system to expand the delivery service, increase the number of delivery vehicles, and provide food delivery personnel to promote the increase in the number of meal orders. The daily meal order was increased by about 1,500 to 2,000. At the same time, the company also vigorously expanded the cafeteria custody business and contracted the canteens of enterprises and institutions. In the meantime, it took over two canteens. The number of daily meals was about 3,000, and the sales increased over the same period of last year. 30%.
Looking forward to the future, Tongsheng will continue to advance on the road to development. While focusing on expanding canteen hosting services and franchising stores to join the chain, we will firmly establish the concept of “cherishing health and hygiene first”, improve the meal-sharing system, and improve the level of business services. To escort the health of others, the company eventually became a large-scale integrated restaurant chain service agency integrating the distribution of meals, hosting cafeteria business, fast food brand chain and other network operations.
To study changes in the new concept of consumption Wang Qi, director of production and development at Beijing Xibei Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. After experiencing SARS, a prominent change was the general improvement of people's health awareness. Sudden and unpredictable SARS has prompted people to think about their own health problems. With this deepening of thinking, it will slowly be reflected in the choice of people's daily habits.
Catering industry is one of the industries that have the closest contact among people in modern society. After the SARS epidemic, although people will still go to restaurants with a dense population to eat delicious food, they will draw health and food more closely. Therefore, in addition to focusing on restoring operations, catering companies must also consider the internal changes brought about by the mentality of atypical pneumonia and improve their operating environment, such as paying attention to air quality, improving sanitation, and paying attention to the quality of raw materials. . The concept of safe dining has slowly been rooted in the minds of consumers, and catering companies will soon face the challenges posed by new consumer ideas.
Looking at the market for growth, the general manager of the Eastern Dumpling King Chain Management Co., Ltd., Ma Hongbo’s atypical pneumonia, will lead to a reshuffling of the catering industry and will also promote the upgrading of the catering industry. The Eastern Dumplings Wang chain stores were distributed in epidemic areas and non-epidemic areas. When the SARS came, the company quickly expanded the practices in areas with severe epidemics such as Beijing to various outlets in the country, ensuring the safety of employees and the safety of customers. , Looking for opportunities in market fluctuations.
First of all, the Eastern Dumplings Wang Chain Store Management Company implemented a variety of preventive measures, such as adjusting the structure of dishes, developing dishes with health functions, enhancing human immunity, giving free soups, adding utensils to separate meals, ordering dishes, and reporting Dish names, etc., ease consumer fears. At the same time, we posted anti-SARS posters on the toilets and passages, and the background music played public-welcome songs. We received very good comfort for customers and employees.
Second, we will look to the market for new growth points. We have increased the delivery service, telephone bookings and meal delivery. In the state of declining market sentiment, the limited consumer groups are mostly concentrated in a few brand stores. The brand advantage of the Eastern Dumpling King's operation for 10 years can be demonstrated, which relieves business pressure to some extent. At the same time, we are also aware that brand trust is behind the strong guarantee of health and quality, and extends to social responsibility and corporate image. In order to more effectively transmit this information to more consumers, we are in various stores in Beijing where the epidemic is serious. Persist in non-stop business, not layoffs, not leave, not pay cuts, stabilizing the workforce and preventing them from flowing into society. Responsibility for employees is also responsible to society, and continuing business has played a role in stabilizing the people. For the medical workers who were on the frontline of the SARS war against SARS, the staff in the quarantine area presented warm dumplings, encouraged them, and established a corporate image. During the SARS period, the turnover of the Oriental Dumpling King fell, but the awareness of the Oriental Dumpling King's brand image has improved. Contrary to the trend, take the initiative to attack, make good use of the government's rescue measures, start with the new changes caused by SARS, actively adjust the product structure and business strategy, and welcome the arrival of a new round of business opportunities. (Finish)

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