Transparent PE special material DFDA-9042 test success

The transparent polyethylene special material DFDA-9042 developed by the Daqing Petrochemical Research Institute was recently successfully tested on the Daqing Petrochemical linear low density polyethylene plant. The 95 tons of special materials produced for the first time were all qualified.

The transparent polyethylene special material DFDA-9042 was developed by Daqing Petrochemical Research Institute in 2004. In response to the continuous increase in demand in the domestic market, Daqing Petrochemical relied on existing devices and products, and launched this new product with transparency that is 60% better than the original DFDA-7042 film in only one year.

It is understood that this special material can be widely used in agricultural film, film and transparent packaging film, optical performance, high strength. At present, only the East China, North China, South China and other places in China, the annual demand for this special material is more than 100,000 tons. (Wang Hao)

Source: China Chemical News

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