Upholstered furniture improves the quality and value-added trend

At present, China's soft furniture is a market with rapid growth and great potential. The market sales have occupied half of the furniture industry. With the increase in technology, soft furniture will use less natural resources and provide a longer period of use, creating a comfortable and comfortable living environment for human beings, which is in line with the trend of the whole society to develop a low-carbon economy.

Upholstered furniture mainly includes fabric furniture and leather furniture. Soft furniture has become more and more popular in the market due to its advantages of environmental protection and durability. It has gradually become a consumer trend.

According to foreign news reports, the German Software and Furniture Association predicts that the price increase of soft furniture products will be inevitable in view of the rising purchase price of leather and sponge materials. According to reports, the price increase is about 5%, and it starts to rise at the latest in the fall. Why are soft furniture so popular and become the consumer's purchase target?

Different from the general wooden furniture and metal furniture, the professional soft furniture manufacturers mostly use the combination of domestic and foreign sales to hit the market. When the foreign environment is not good, the focus will be transferred to the domestic market. It will not be too hasty, but rely on The experience of the domestic market can fully grasp the pulse of the domestic market.

The domestic software furniture industry has gradually matured, and improving the technological content and added value of products is a major trend in the future.

With the improvement of people's living standards and the improvement of consumer demand, any product in the world is facing a problem that is market segmentation. In the traditional home furnishing industry, the earliest was the suite. Later, the software was separated from the suite furniture. In the software, the sofa and bedding were separated. In the bedding, it was divided into panels, solid wood, metal, fabric, leather, etc. The market will continue to be subdivided.

Compared with other furniture as a whole, software is a new and the most popular. However, because he has the characteristics that other bed sets do not have, first of all, in terms of comfort, because the texture is soft and fits the body curve, it is better than solid wood and plate type; in addition, it more satisfies the personality of modern young people. Differentiated and differentiated needs. For the soft furniture industry separated from the suite, Yan Ming, a general manager of a brand, said that the entire domestic software industry has gradually matured and scaled, and it has gradually been recognized by consumers and the market. Soft furniture has formed its own scale in the country, and the relatively sound market is generally more standardized and healthy.

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