Water-soluble writing ink and printing ink and production method thereof

The existing printing ink mainly consists of a modified natural resin or synthetic resin, vegetable oil, mineral oil, a binder, and a pigment and a filler. When these inks are used, they need to be adjusted with resin oil, varnish, or mineral oil. Once dried, they are difficult to use, and the film formation time is slow. It is easy to stick paper, oil is easy to precipitate at low temperatures, the material is expensive, and the production cost is high.

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a water-soluble printing ink and printing ink which are inexpensive, widely used, resource-saving, competitive in domestic and foreign markets, and can maintain the use effect of traditional products.
The present invention mainly adopts the emulsification method, and completely melts polyvinyl chloride waste materials (soft PVC) and polystyrene (PS) chips with a solvent such as benzene or toluene and xylene, and then adds pine resin, pure water, and a solvent. The oil, emulsifier, emulsified PVC, and PS become tiny particles dispersed in the aqueous emulsion, and the critical temperature is controlled. In the reflux, the solvent (toluene, benzene or xylene) is condensed and recovered, and the filler is added. The pigments are mixed, and according to the different viscosities of the inks and the printing inks, different amounts of rosin (rosin) and moisture are added and adjusted, and then the two products are obtained.

The composition and content of these two inks are as follows:

Printing ink (weight parts)
Polystyrene (PS) 15-25, PVC (pvc) 5--10, Solvent Oil 15--20, Emulsifier 7-10, Glycerin 2--5, Pigment 10-12, Rosin ( Or rosin) 10--12, pure water 15--20, filler 12--15.

Writing ink (weight parts)
Polystyrene (PS) 10--20, Solvent oil 12--15, Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) 5--15, Emulsifier 5--7, Glycerin 2--5, Pigment 8-10, Pure water 20-25, turpentine (or rosin) 10--12, filler 15--20.

The features of the invention:
(1) Under the action of a polyether emulsifier, rosin is emulsified into a thick rosin acid emulsion, which protects the colloid and thickening effect in the ink and stabilizes the binding of PVC or solvent oil, water, fillers and pigments. It is not easy to separate, improve adhesion and firmness. Because the emulsifier has a good penetration, the water quickly penetrates into the paper under the action of the emulsifier, and the solvent volatilizes naturally in the air, so the film formation time, color fixation The time is better than the ordinary printing ink and reputation ink.
(2) Since the ink can be diluted with water, the printing worker accidentally gets onto the clothes and can wash it off immediately.
(3) The raw materials used in PVC or PS can be recycled waste materials, not only to reuse the waste, reduce environmental pollution, but also save the country a large number of high-quality resin, mineral oil and vegetable oil (150--200 kg per ton of oil can be saved ).
(4) The product obtained by this formula and production method is of fine quality, good fluidity, short and soft black silk, strong hiding power, non-flammable, stable performance, can be used as it is for one year in storage, is not deteriorated, and is not delaminated by freezing. .
(5) The production cost is low, the process flow is short, the equipment investment is saved, and the use is convenient. It is a novel product with excellent performance.

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